Moa Johansson

  my forest / and I 2016

my forest / and I 2016

I am currently an Artist-in-Residency at Husk Creative Space where I am rethinking what I do and what words to use to best describe it.

This is what I have said previously:
Moa Johansson is a performance artist based in London. Her work falls between durational performance, live art, and dance. Situating her performances in various contexts is a conscious decision in order to explore different types of performative modes. By thinking of her body as the consumer and the consumed, Moa considers it an ongoing investigation on how her body converses with witnesses, objects and the space in which the performance takes place. Moa’s choreographies explore the possibilities and limits of stillness, pose and tableau through repetition and a non-narrative structure.

What others have said

"Moa's work has a compelling other-worldly quality that casts a spell and pulls you in. You're never sure what the rules of the game are but you watch - compelled and fascinated. The work is simultaneously humorous and disturbing, flirting with the uncanny, slipping between the familiar and the unexpected. I'm excited about what she'll do next."
- Julia Bardsley, Live Artist

“Moa Johansson is a significant early-career artist, whose work falls compellingly between durational performance, live art, and dance. She belongs to a clear lineage of experimental feminist performance art, and brings new life to this history, through sustained works of performance that explore and frame the body, identity, time and action in innovative, strange, and exciting ways. The performance she presented at SPILL Festival was fresh, distinctive, questioning in spirit, and funny. I have seen her work several times in various spaces (including in a live art festival and a club context) and I appreciate the promiscuity of her use of space, and her adaptability, as qualities that complement and heighten the adventurous nature of the work itself.” 
- Dr. Dominic Johnson, Reader in Performance and Visual Cultures; and author of Glorious Catastrophe: Jack Smith, Performance and Visual Culture; and editor of Pleading in the Blood: The Art and Performances of Ron Athey

"Moa creates a beautiful visual impact, with a subtle and powerful presence on stage, that she turns into a very strong statement about the place of women in society."
- Lara Buffard, Performance Artist and Founder of La Cage Royale


2018 QUEEN MOJO | Waking Life | Crato, Portugal
2018 PASS THIS ON | Live Art Bistro: All These Things at the Fringe | ZOO Venues | Edinburgh, UK
2018 LOUDER, SHE SAID WHAT (ANOTHER VERSION) | DICE Festival | Summerhall | Edinburgh, UK
2018 QUEEN MOJO | Pollyanna at the Fringe | Paradise Palms | Edinburgh, UK
2018 QUEEN MOJO | Shoot Your Shot at Fringe | Fireside | Edinburgh, UK
2018 DONNA SUMMER IS DEAD BUT DISCO ISN’T | PUG#6 | Tyneside Irish Centre | Newcastle, UK
2018 QUEEN MOJO | The Palace Festival | Nysa, Poland
2018 LOUDER, SHE SAID WHAT | Tempting Failure Festival | Braithwaite Hall | Croydon, UK
2018 AN APIAN PARADOX | Peopling The Palace(s) Festival | Queen Mary University | London, UK
2018 QUEEN MOJO | Thorny | Bristol, UK
2018 [STILL UNTITLED] | The Palace meets Berlin: Fasching Feast & Exhibition | Berlin, Germany

2017 TONIGHT/BABY/FOREVER | La Cage Royale at L'Escargot Restaurant | London, UK
2017 QUEEN MOJO | Werk In Progress at The Glory | London, UK
2017 DONNA SUMMER IS DEAD BUT DISCO ISN'T | The Palace Festival | Nysa, Poland
2017 READING ROOM 1: BARDSLEY v BACHELARD - THE POETICS of SPACE | Peopling The Palace(s) Festival | London, UK
2017 QUEEN MOJO | Duckie | Royal Vauxhall Tavern | London, UK
2017 THE PROSTITUTED ROYALTY | DEEP TRASH: Royal Trash | Bethnal Green Working Men's Club | London, UK
2017 TONIGHT/BABY/FOREVER | Topophobia 15 | Total Refreshment Centre | London, UK
2017 WEAVING HER-STORY | Low Stakes Festival | New River Studios | London, UK

2016  I FEEL LOVE x REPEAT | Hi-Brow at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club | London
2016  tonight is the night baby and forever but no recycling | SPILL Festival | Ipswich
2016  A TIT SHOW | The Warren Theatre | Brighton Fringe
2016  MY FOREST WITHOUT ECHOES | Hackney Showroom | London
2016  SHOE/FETISH | Meatlocker | The Urban Bar Whitechapel | London
2016  tonight is the night baby and forever but no recycling | Pinter Studio | Queen Mary University | London
2016  A TIT SHOW | KETCHUP | Live Art Bistro | Leeds

2015  A TIT SHOW | Camden Fringe / Scratch at Battersea Arts Centre / Steakhouse Live | London, UK
2015  IMPRINTS | Cell63 Artplatform | Berlin, Germany
2015  SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER | dir. Giorgio Spiegelfeld | The Glory | London, UK
2015  BODIES THAT... | First Flights, Peopling the Place(s) | Queen Mary University | London, UK