DARC and ‘Transformance’ at TF18

As part of Tempting Failure's mentoring scheme, I had the brilliant opportunity to work with the DARC team at their beautiful studio in Shoreditch a couple of weeks ago. DARC (Documentation Action Research Collective) consists of Manual Vason, Holly Revell, Patricio (Pato) Bosich,Jemima Yong, Ernst Fischer and Tara Fatehi. Transformance is a practice-as-research project where live performance, documentation, translation and transformation meet. It is a process of artistic exchange and creation. I presented for the DARC collective a working-in-progress piece of louder, she said what, an extract I titled louder, she said. The outcome will take shape of an exhibition between 17-21 July with a live installation from 1-4pm on Tuesday 17 July at Matthews Yard, Croydon.

Read more about the experience here

For more information on DARC, visit their website http://www.darc.media/

Written Response from Festival41

a) my forest without echoes is an hour-long durational piece in which Moa Johansson has full agency. Her face covered in hair, she blindly reaches for metal bars and dry twigs to create an artificial forest. And while durational pieces tend to follow one consistent rhythm, Johansson’s movements cannot be expected: one minute she is spending three minutes to break a twig, the next she suddenly unravels many yards of brown paper with erupting energy, showing a wide range of different dynamics. Her movements and stillness are marked with her occasional “woo” sounds as she yells out into her imaginary forest. Marking her body with her materials, she ends up in an entangled nest, uncomfortable and uninviting. She lays there, creating a final image that stays with you long after her piece is over. – Franciska Ery

b) I originally only intended to stay in Moa Johansson’s hour long durational performance for ten minutes. I emerged from the main space an hour later. Covered in sheets of paper with architectural diagrams on, Johansson scraped herself along the wall causing them to steadily fall, unveiling her naked body underneath. She manoeuvred metal poles, dropping them into place with a sharp, echoing bang, and marking herself with charcoal where the ends of the metal cylinders had pressed into her flesh. Breaking the sticks of her forest with her body, she encased herself in them, creating a nest-like structure as she and the forest became inseparable. The echoes faded and silence fell. – Hattie Long

photography: Sojourner Hazelwood-Connell

photography: Sojourner Hazelwood-Connell

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scratch: 'I genuinely really fucking loved A Tit Show'

Yesterday we had two weeks to go to Brighton Fringe, which we celebrated by doing a scratch of A Tit Show. We invited a few people whose opinions always are constructive and incredibly helpful for the process. 

The feedback was great! We are now going to devote the last rehearsals to warm up our tits and sharpen our jokes. Potentially add another dance since our very advanced choreographies seem to be the audience's highlights. 

So I'm pleased to say that we are almost there! Give us a few more walk-throughs and we will be ready to hit Brighton like a storm. It's going to be fun and our tits are so buzzed! Don't forget to get your ticket before it's sold out (hehe).

ps. quote from one of our invited guests



The Meatlocker Friday 29th April

Just got invited to perform an extract of tonight it the night baby and forever but no recycling on Friday the 29th of April. The Meatlocker is an evening organised by Queen Mary University's MA IPP students. It will take place at The Urban Bar Whitechapel. Reschedule all your plans, and come down to East London on Friday for some hardcore performance art!

For more information about the event, click here


Have you check out our brand new music video aka Beyoncé but tactically tacky? Similarly to her, we surprised the world yesterday by unexpectedly releasing the trailer. We're quite proud of this masterpiece, thinking that maybe we should continue our careers as music makers/ film editors? Our aim is to have more views than Queen B herself before our show has premier at Brighton Fringe the 21st of May. Come on friends, I mean fans, click on us.