DARC and ‘Transformance’ at TF18

As part of Tempting Failure's mentoring scheme, I had the brilliant opportunity to work with the DARC team at their beautiful studio in Shoreditch a couple of weeks ago. DARC (Documentation Action Research Collective) consists of Manual Vason, Holly Revell, Patricio (Pato) Bosich,Jemima Yong, Ernst Fischer and Tara Fatehi. Transformance is a practice-as-research project where live performance, documentation, translation and transformation meet. It is a process of artistic exchange and creation. I presented for the DARC collective a working-in-progress piece of louder, she said what, an extract I titled louder, she said. The outcome will take shape of an exhibition between 17-21 July with a live installation from 1-4pm on Tuesday 17 July at Matthews Yard, Croydon.

Read more about the experience here

For more information on DARC, visit their website http://www.darc.media/